Showtimes FAQs

What happened to MyCinemas?
Update 13 July 2011: We have restored users’ MyCinemas lists in a new feature called “Favorite Theaters”, available at: It can be accessed by clicking on the "favorites" tab on either of main showtimes pages (all movies or all theaters), and is also accessible from the right hand side of any showtimes page (look for the “Favorite Theaters” box). To add or remove a theater from your favorites list, just click/toggle the heart icon and refresh the page. Users who had previously saved MyCinemas should see those theaters pre-populated in their favorites list.

We needed to retire our old showtimes system and replace it with a new service, and are still working on building features. If you've set My Cinemas on our old showtimes pages, we're storing those theaters in our internal systems and are working to re-enable your ability to filter your showtimes experience based on those theaters.

What happened to the page with all the theaters, all the movies, all on one page?
This is another page that we are working on rebuilding with our new service. We should have this view back soon. Update 2 June 2011: This page is now restored at: It can be accessed by clicking on the "theaters" tab on the main showtimes page.

Why did you remove the display of IMDb User Rating?
We have actually added the ability to *sort* by IMDb User Rating; in the upper right hand corner of the main showtimes page grid, you’ll see some new sort options. The default sort is alphabetical by title, but you now have the ability to sort the movies playing near you by IMDb User Rating, MOVIEmeter (popularity on IMDb), Runtime, and Release Date. You can also reverse the sort (because who are we to say that you don’t want watch the worst-rated movie in theaters now?).

Why can’t I enter a non-postal code location?
We’re working on it. In the meantime, we’re doing our best to guess where you are, and if we’re not guessing correctly, you can use a zip/postal code to get more accurate showtimes. We hope to soon allow the ability to get showtimes using text-based locations.

Why do I keep on having to reset my location when I log out and log back in?
It’s a bit technical, but we’re working on this one too.

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